Diez Pulgadas #472 (11-05-2021)

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Diez Pulgadas #472 (2021-05-11)

1_LOS KOGARS «Joe’s shuffle» (Tributo a Ronald Haydock y Bob Burns ep, 7″ Planet Pimp)
2_THE SACRED HEARTS «I don’t mind» (The primetime ep, 7″ Twist)
3_THE BLOW POPS «Stop!» (Stop!/I know Nancy, 7″ Get Hip)
4_THE ROSEBLOODS «Woman, wine, and song» (Angeline ep, 7″ Get Hip)
5_THE RAPIERS «On my mind» (Buckleshoe stomp/On my mind, 7″ Larsen)
6_THE HENTCHMEN «Teenage letter» (Creep of the year/Teenage letter, 7″ D·wreckEd·hiT)
7_SIT N’ SPIN «Dance with my baby» (Dance with my baby ep, 7″ Pure Vinyl)
8_THE SLINGBACKS «Roller-coaster» (Hot on my heels/Roller-coaster, 7″ Vinyl Japan)
9_THE ROOLETTES «The things I do» (Cigarette break down ep, 7″ Vinyl Japan)
10_LASCIVOS «Enséñame» (No aguanto más ep, 7″ H)
11_LOS KOGARS «Swinging ape» (Tributo a Ronald Haydock y Bob Burns ep, 7″ Planet Pimp)
12_THE BASSHOLES «John Henry» (John Henry ep, 7″ Sympathy)
13_ZEE TEEN TITANS «Flying cobras of rock» (We’re wildcats ep, 7″ Peek-A-Boo/My Papa’s Leg)
14_REV. SAVAGE AND HIS HOLY ROLLERS «I’m leaving now» (All hail Jesus/I’m leaving now, 7″ Ken Rock)
15_LES PHOTONICS «Victim of my age» (Introducing the phonophobic sound of…ep, 7″ Psych-Out)
16_THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS «Just turn on» (Just turn on ep, 7″ Larsen)
17_THEE CHERYLINAS «Nightmares» (Monkey/Nightmares, 7″ Thunderbaby)
18_THE DIABOLIKS «Lovin’ machine» (Yes I Do/Lovin’ machine, 7″ Screaming Apple)

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