Diez Pulgadas #476 (08-06-2021)

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#476 (20210608)

1_THE INSECT SURFERS “Tiger shark” (East West, 10″ Dionysus)
2_THE STABS “The woods / The rain” (The woods / The rain/6ft rodent, 7″ Cass)
3_THE SITUATIONS “Oozin’ daddy blues” (Teh great barrier ep, 7″ Munster)
4_THE WEEPIKES “Parrot” (Howkey? ep, 7″ Trash Can)
5_THE HEXDISPENSERS “One less ghost” (One less ghost/I’m a ghost, 7″ Trouble In Mind)
6_SCRATCH BONGOWAX “Straitjacket” (Can’t tell me/Straitjacket, 7″ Black Lung)
7_THE SHORT FUSES “Here come the warm chicks” (Beneath the city of the guitarvixens/Here come the warm chicks, 7″ Sympathy)
8_THE SWINGIN’ NECKBREAKERS “Quit your belly achin’ baby” (I’m in love with me/Quit your belly achin’ baby, 7″ Telstar)
9_THE INSECT SURFERS “3rd stone” (East West, 10″ Dionysus)
10_THE FEVERS “I’m not cryin'” (Show! ep, 7″ Lipstick)
11_THE IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL “Gotta run home” (Hollywood underground/Gotta run home, 7″ Killer)
12_THE IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL “Hollywood underground” (Hollywood underground/Gotta run home, 7″ Killer)
13_THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS “Band fight” (Doin’ time/Band fight, 7″ Target Earth)
14_THE INSOMNIACS “Already down” (Already down/Jump and dance, 7″ Estrus)
15_MONOMEN “Burning brush” (Burning brush ep, 7″ Estrus)
16_THE THUNDERBOLTS “Stay with me” (On the tip/Stay with me, 7″ Target Earth)
17_WILD WEEKEND “Black and whte” (Cosmetic couple/Black and whte, 7″ Munster)
18_THE ZEROS “I don’t wanna” (I don’t wanna/Li’l latin Lupe Lu, 7″ Sympathy)


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