Diez Pulgadas #475 (01-06-2021)-Versiones Vol.9-1961 (I)

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#475 (20210601)-Covers (9)-1961 (I)

1_THE GALAXY TRIO «Jack the ripper» (V/A «Think Link Volume 2, 10» Drink N Drive)
2_DANIEL JOHNSTON «A little beat of soap» (Respect, 10 » Ay Caramba! Rekkids)
3_PINK SLIP DADDY «Wild party» (Viva Fabian! ep, 7″ Munster)
4_LES SLOW SLUSHY BOYS «Oublie tout Marylou» (J’suis bleu! (si vous etes comme ca telephonez-moi) ep, 7″ Butterfly)
5_THE SWEET THINGS «A certain girl» (Why wait until tomorrow? ep, 7″ Wiped Out)
6_THE KAISERS «Watch your step» (The Kaisers in America ep, 7″ Norton)
7_THE A-BONES «Hep cat» (Bamboo Rock’N’Roll!/Hep cat, 7″ 1+2)
8_CHROME REVERSE «Voodoo twist» (Do what? ep, 7″ Kizmiaz)
9_LOS PLANTRONICS «Intoxica» (Calavera dance party ep, 7″ Sneakers)
10_THE UNTAMED «Little sister» (The cannibal king ep, 7″ Heptown)
11_THE TOUCH-ME-NOTS «What’s so good about goodbye» (Sheldon munn, 10″ Yakisakana)
12_THE REVELATORS featuring WALTER DANIELS «Old slew foot» (Old slew foot/Rockinitis, 7″ Sympathy)
13_THE GROUPIES «Down in the bottom» (Down in the bottom/You changed again, 7″ Sundazed)
14_THE CRAWDADDYS «Down in the bottom» (Crawdaddy express, lp Line)
15_ZEBRA STRIPES «You don’t love me» (V/A «Dimensions of sound», lp Mystery Scene)
16_THE SMUGGLERS «Talkin’ bout you» (Talkin’ bout you/Chimo!, 7″ Pin Up)
17_THE MONROES «Six days on the road» (Razorback ep, 7″ Speed Nebraska)
18_SNEAKERS «Pills» (No hay acción! ep, 7″ Subterfuge)
19_THE BEGUILED «Jack the ripper» (Gone away, lp Dionysus)

Os dejamos también la lista con los originales. Si consideras que hay alguna errata, no dudes in ponerte en contacto con el programa a través del mail diez-pulgadas@hotmail.com para corregirlo en nuestras notas. Gracias de antemano!!!!!

1_LINK WRAY AND THE RAYMEN «Jack the ripper» (Jack the ripper/The stranger, 7″ Rumble)_07/1961
2_THE JARMELS «A little beat of soap» (A little beat of soap/The way you look tonight, 7″ Laurie)_03/07/1961
3_FABIAN «Wild party» (Wild party/Made you, 7″ Chancellor)_10/1961
4_THE IKETTES «I’m blue (the gong-gong song)» (I’m blue (the gong-gong song)/Find my baby, 7″ Atco)_11/1961
5_ERNIE K-DOE «A certain girl» (A certain girl/I cried my last tear, 7″ Minit)_10/1961
6_BOBBY PARKER «Watch your step» (Watch your step/Steel your heart away, 7″ V-Tone)_07/1961
7_LARRY TERRY «Hep cat» (Why did she go?/Hep cat, 7″ Testa Ozark Music Publications)_1961
8_LAVERN BAKER «Voodoo voodoo» (Hey, Memphis/Voodoo voodoo, 7″ Atlantic)_09/1961
9_THE REVELS «Intoxica» (Intoxica/Tequila, 7″ Impact)_1961
10_ELVIS PRESLEY «Little sister» (Little sister/(Marie’s the name)/His latest flame, 7″ RCA Victor)_08/08/1961
11_THE MIRACLES «What’s so good about good-by» (What’s so good about good-by/I’ve been godd to you, 7″ Tamla)_14/12/1961
12_JOHNNY HORTON «Ole slew-foot» (Miss Marcy/Ole slew-foot, 7″ Columbia)_21/07/1961
13_HOWLIN’ WOLF «Down in the bottom» (Down in the bottom/Little baby, 7″ Chess)_06/1961
14_HOWLIN’ WOLF «Down in the bottom» (Down in the bottom/Little baby, 7″ Chess)_06/1961
15_WILLIE COBBS «You don’t love me» (You don’t love me/You’re so hard to please, 7″ Home Of The Blues)_1961
16_CHUCK BERRY «I’m talking about you» (I’m talking about you/Little star, 7″ Chess)_02/1961
17_PAUL DAVIS «Six days on the road» (Six days on the road/Yankee girl, 7″ Bulletin)_09/1961
18_BO DIDDLEY «Pills» (Pills/Call me, 7″ Checker)_08/1961
19_CLARENCE STACY «Jack the ripper» (Jack the ripper/If you love me, 7″ Carol Music Co.)_09/1961

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