Diez Pulgadas #474 (25-05-2021)

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1_THE LEECHES “Integratron” (Integratron/Ghost ship, 7″ Kapow!)
2_THE MAKE-UP “Born on the floor” (Born on the floor/Little black book, 7″ K)
3_SUPER DELUXE “She came on” (She came on/On Lisa, 7″ Tim/Kerr)
4_THE DRIPPING LIPS “Powerful” (Such a lot of stars ep, 7″ NDN)
5_THE LATEST FLAMES “Won’t drink your wine” (I try! ep, 7″ Wood Shampoo)
6_THE DEMONICS “California nightmare” (Dunebuggy gang ep, 7″ Gearhead)
7_THE DIALTONES “Stick around with you” (Four last blasts! ep, 7″ Rapid Pulse)
8_THE ONYAS “Get that shit” (Life for rejection ep, 7″ Man’s Ruin)
9_THE BILLYBONES “All excess” (We’re selfish ep, 7″ Dr. Strange)
10_THE LEECHES “Ghost ship” (Integratron/Ghost ship, 7″ Kapow!)
11_THE DIRTY BABIES “County jail” (The Dirty Babies, lp Wood Shampoo)
12_PEARL SCHWARTZ “Sweet seventeen” (4 juveline delinquentes ep, 7″ Black Lung)
13_THE VALENTINE KILLERS “Happy hours” (Methanol ep, 7″ Mortville)
14_D-GENERATION “Prohibition” (Prohibition ep, 7″ Munster)
15_THE PATTERN “My new age” (No books/My new age, 7″ Gearhead)
16_VEINES “Harcélement sexuel” (Parties fines sous cocaïne ep, 7″ Frantic City)
17_STELETTO BOYS “Saturday nite” (8-track ep, 7″ Zodiac Killer)
18_HARRY SONS “Gotta go” (Gotta go! ep, 7″ Dead By Mono)
19_NUEVO CATECISMO CATÓLICO “I don’t wanna go this way” (To hell & back, 10″ Punch)


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