Diez Pulgadas #470 (27-04-2021)-10′ Dj Sessions Vol.32-Francho Furioso (6)-Especial Paisley Pop (I)

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Después de más de dos años vuelve por el programa Francho Furioso a hacernos uno de sus especiales. Esta vez lo dedica al Paisley Pop americano de principios de los 80. Sonidos cuidados de gran calidad, poco habituales en el programa. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis…

Diez Pulgadas #470 (2021-04-27)-10′ Dj Sessions Vol.32-Francho Furioso (6)

1_GUADALCANAL DIARY “Gilbert takes the wheel” (Walking in the shadow of the big man, lp Megadisc)
2_GREEN ON RED “Death and angels” (Green On Red, lp Enigma/Dro)
3_THE DREAM SYNDICATE “Definitely clean” (The days of wine and roses, lp Slash/London)
4_THE LONG RYDERS “Looking for Lewis and Clark” (State of our union, lp Island)
5_DANNY AND DUSTY “Song for the dreamers” (The lost weekend, lp A&M)
6_GUTTERBALL “Lester Young” (Gutterball, lp Brake Out)
7_HOUSE OF FREAKS “Sun gone down” (Tantilla, lp Rhino)
8_TRUE WEST “Hold on” (Drifters, lp Zippo)
9_THE OUTNUMBERED “Boy on a roof” (Holding the grenade too long, lp Homestead)
10_WEDNESDAY WEEK “Missionary” (What we had, lp Enigma/Dro)
11_THE SMITHEREENS “Behind the wall of sleep” (Especially for you, lp Enigma)
12_RAIN PARADE “You are my friend” (Explosions in the glass palace, mlp Dro)
13_SALVATION ARMY “She turns to flower” (The Salvation Army – Before The Three O’Clock, lp Frontier)
14_WINDBREAKERS “New red shoes” (The disciples of agriculture, lp Closer)
15_JET BLACK BERRIES “So hard to leave” (Desperate fires, lp Enigma/Dro)


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