Diez Pulgadas #468 (13-04-2021)

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Diez Pulgadas #468 (2021-04-13)

1_THE CAVALIERS «Imhotep» (Imhotep ep, 7″ Rhythm & Booze)
2_RANCID HELL SPAWN «Flesh mammoth» (Gastro boy ep, 7″ Wrench)
3_TÖRQAMADA «Mattress majesty» (Evil possessor/Mattress majesty, 7″ Bronx Cheer Recordings)
4_THE RETARDOS «Gimme some» (The Retardos, 10″ Safety Pin)
5_TEXAS MOTHERFUCKERS «LSD in Tennessee» (LSD in Tennessee/Teenage head, 7″ Zorch Productions)
6_CRETIN 66 «Black flag records backwards» (Burnin’ rubber outta hell’s garage, lp Middle Class Pig/Woundup)
7_SWAMPASS «Baby, where you been?» (No means go, lp Safety Pin)
8_THE MOORAT FINGERS «Feed the fire» (Hurt my brain ep, 7″ Into The Vortex)
9_JET BUMPERS «Backstage baby» (It’s a sexy burnout, lp Radio Blast)
10_THE CAVALIERS «The electric» (Imhotep ep, 7″ Rhythm & Booze)
11_COLUMBIAN NECKTIES «But she was big» (Get it for you…/But she was big, 7″ Bad Afro)
12_TRASH BRATS «Must be the cocaine» (Must be the cocaine/Civilization’s dying, 7″ I-94 Recordings)
13_TRASH BRATS «Civilization’s dying» (Must be the cocaine/Civilization’s dying, 7″ I-94 Recordings)
14_THE STALLIONS «Heartpunch» (I love the USA! ep, 7″ Intensive Scare)
15_SUICIDE KING «Sick sick» (She’s dead/Sick sick, 7″ Intensive Scare)
17_W.A.Y.P. «Happy moments» (Happy moments E.P., 7″ Intensive Scare)
18_THE ACCIDENTS «Wild little kiddie» (Danelly field airport ep, 7″ Incognito)
19_SUBMISSIONS «Average guy» (True lies ep, 7″ Zorch Productions)
20_BLASTROCK «Special forces» (Like it hard! ep, 7″ Zorch Productions)

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