Diez Pulgadas #467 (06-04-2021)

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Diez Pulgadas #467 (2021-04-06)

1_THE CAVALIERS «Elephant» (Imhotep ep, 7″ Rhythm & Booze)
2_GG ALLIN & THE SCUMFUCKS «Needle up my cock» (Rock’N’Roll terrorist, 2lp Munster)
3_GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES «Terror in America» (Kill then all!, 10″ Alive)
4_ANTISEEN «Mad, bad & dangerous to know» (Thee from parts unknown ep, 7″ Scarey)
5_FEKALE BREKNINGER «Hard candy cock» (Toilet rocker ep, 7″ Hit Me!)
6_LIME CELL «You’re not punk, you’re dirty» (We need a raise ep, 7″ Headache)
7_THE BADNADS «Keep those big wheels humming» (Japanese bloodbath ep, 7″ Scarey)
8_BORN BAVARIAN «Fucking in the butt» (Fucking in the butt/White blue train, 7″ Steel Cage)
9_NOTHING BUT PUKE «I don’t give a fukk» (5 hits from hell ep, 7″ Our Area/Outcast)
10_HOOKERS «God made me the raven» (God made me the raven/Rock bottom, 7″ Get Hip)
11_SILVER TONGUED DEVIL «Hypnotic twist» (Red-eyed and tongued-tied, lp Get Hip)
12_THE NERDS «I’ll kick you in the balls» (Don’t like you ep, 7″ No Name, No Logo)
13_ORANGE JUICE FROM THE CRYPT «Free stuff» (A dinner with us ep, 7″ Scarey)
14_HELLBENDERS «THCIV» (Split w/B-Movie Rats, lp Dead Beat)
15_B-MOVIE RATS «Visual» (Split w/Hellbenders, lp Dead Beat)
16_DEMOLITION GIRL & THE STRAWBERRY BOYS «Jesus was masochist» (16 S-M hits from multi socialised kids, lp Rockin’ Bones)
17_COCO COBRA & THE KILLERS «Outta my way» (Want you!, lp No Brains)
18_CJ SLEEZ «Lone star» (Rock’N’Rail, lp/pd Safety Pin)

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