Diez Pulgadas #465 (23-03-2021)

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#465 (2021-03-23)

1_THE CHARLES NAPIERS “Diamonds” (Regular forty ep, 7″ Nana)
2_HOSS “A nice quite chat”(A nice quite chat/Where have all the good times gone?, 7” Bang!)
3_THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY “The transmission” (The reproduction of death ep, 7″ Sub Pop)
4_GARAGE 13 “Soon to be gone” (Tonight/Soon to be gone, 7″ Bad Attitude!)
5_THE FUSES “” (Mit einer hohen geschwindigkeitsrate ep, 7″ Incognito)
6_SIN ALLEY “Detroit 442″ (Detroit 442 ep, 2×7”, Demolition Derby)
7_CREAMERS “Gender traitor” (Two olives (and a bottle of gin) ep, 7″ No Tomorrow)
8_THE NEW YORK REL-X “No way out” (No way out/Summer of ’81, 7″ Tko)
9_THE NADS “New set of nuts” (Saigon hooker ep, 7″ Gearhead)
10_THE CHARLES NAPIERS “Rianna scipio theme” (Regular forty ep, 7″ Nana)
11_MURDER CITY WRECKS “Hell is where my heart is” (Hell is where my heart is/American hero, 7″ Beer City)
12_HUMPY “Pentium rock” (America online ep, 7″ Beer City)
13_MOB ACTION “Midnight fascist” (Back to the streets ep, 7″ C.S. Productions)
14_SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN “Girl power” (Girl power ep, 7″ Tario)
15_SAFETY PINS “Backseat Sally” (Just in fun/Backseat Sally, 7″ No Tomorrow)
16_NEON MANIACS “Main frame meltdown” (Transplant baby/Main frame meltdown, 7″ Puke ‘N Vomit)
17_STRYCHNINE “Icons” (Hate finger ep, 7″ Tko)
18_EL HÖMICIDIO “Otro día más” (Peep Show ep, 7″ Discos Hömicidas/Furia)


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