Diez Pulgadas #464 (16-03-2021)

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#464 (2021-03-16)

1_THE CHARLES NAPIERS «California sun» (Regular forty ep, 7″ Nana)
2_SOUTH FILTHY «Speed traps, weigh statiosn, & detour signs» (Soul of a man/Speed traps, weigh statiosn, & detour signs, 7″ Wrecked’em)
3_OBLIVIANS «Strong come on» (Popular favorites, lp Crypt)
4_OBLIVIANS «Bad man» (Popular favorites, lp Crypt)
5_JERRY SPIDER GANG «When I get off» (When I get off/Situation 3, 7″ Ghost Rider)
6_NEW BOMB TURKS «Youngblood» (Bottle island/Youngblood, 7″ Damaged Goods)
7_NEW BOMB TURKS «Bottle island» (Bottle island/Youngblood, 7″ Damaged Goods)
8_JAKKPOT «Burnin’ in 77″ (3-2-1/Burnin’ in 77, 7» Junk)
9_THE INCUBATORS «Vision express» (Tough night ep, 7″ Bootleg Booze)
10_THE CHARLES NAPIERS «Heart full of soul» (Regular forty ep, 7″ Nana)
11_THE CANDY SNATCHERS «Survival of the fittest» (Survival of the fittest/Suffragette city, 7″ Coldfront)
12_THE DIPSHITS «Down at the disc jockey club» (Holiday drunk fest ep, 7″ Junk)
13_THE HUMPERS «My game» (Sarcasmatron/My game, 7″ 1+2)
14_THE BLACK HALOS «Sell out love» (Sell out love/It’s over for you, 7″ Safety Pin)
15_ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN «Clock-wise» (Clock-wise/Frustration, 7″ Junk)
16_DEAD EMPTY «Dead and gone» (Tattoed woman/Dead and gone, 7″ Pelado)
17_HÜSKER DÜ «Makes no sense at all» (Makes no sense at all/Love is all around, 7″ SST)
18_HÜSKER DÜ «I apologize» (New day rising, lp SST)
19_HÜSKER DÜ «Terms of psychic warfare» (New day rising, lp SST)
20_NOVA MOB «I just want to make love to you» (I just want to make love to you (live), 7″ Rough Trade)
21_HÜSKER DÜ «Love is all around» (Makes no sense at all/Love is all around, 7″ SST)

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