Diez Pulgadas #461 (23-02-2021)

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#461 (2021-02-23)

1_EDDIE ANGEL «Casbah» (Casbah/Beyond zone X, 7″ Spinout)
2_THE NEW COLONY SIX «Things I’d like to say» (Revelations, lp Mercury)
3_THE NEW COLONY SIX «Sloopy» (Breakthrough, lp Sundazed)
4_LYRES «I confess» (On fyre, lp Ace Of Hearts)
5_QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS «Are you ready for real?» (Are you redy for real?/I’ll be back, 7″ Norton)
6_QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS «I’ll be back» (Are you redy for real?/I’ll be back, 7″ Norton)
7_QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS «Can’t get enough of you baby» (Do you feel it baby? The captivating live sounds of…,, 2lp Norton)
8_THE REMAINS «Once before» (Diddy wah diddy/Once before, 7″ Sundazed)
9_THE REMAINS «All day and all of the night» (A session with…, lp Sundazed)
10_KEK 66 «Once before» (Kek 66, lp Pornogram)
11_EDDIE ANGEL «Beyond zone X» (Casbah/Beyond zone X, 7″ Spinout)
12_BUSH PIG «Grunt» (Felching the cat ep, 7″ Amphetamine Reptile)
13_MUDHONEY «Here come sickness» (Mudhoney, lp Glitterhouse)
14_THE MONKEYWRENCH «Sugar man» (Sugar man/The pusher, 7″ Estrus)
15_GAS HUFFER «Rotten egg» (Rotten egg/Old summertime, 7″ Au Go Go)
16_THE RAY-ONS «Brakes are for pussies» (Lipstick pickup lines, 7″ Estrus)
17_STEEL WOOL «Dog that bites» (Broom sauce ep, Empty)
18_GORILLA «Get out» (Bargain love/Get out, Thrill Jockey)

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