Diez Pulgadas #460 (16-02-2021)

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#460 (2021-02-16)

1_THE CELLAR DWELLERS “Dwellin'” (Wonderin’ why?/Dwellin’, 7″ Get Hip)
2_THE CELLAR DWELLERS “Wonderin’ why?” (Wonderin’ why?/Dwellin’, 7″ Get Hip)
3_LA MACHINA DEL TEMPO “La machina del tempo” (Non ti votero’ mai!!! ep, 7″ Destination X)
4_LA MACHINA DEL TEMPO “Non ti votero’ mai!!!” (Non ti votero’ mai!!! ep, 7″ Destination X)
5_THE OTHERS “That’s your problem” (That’s your problem/You don’t believe me, 7″ Zebrah)
6_THE PHANTOM KEYS “Shut up Johnny” (Shut up Johnny/I don’t wanna be free, 7″ El Beasto)
7_HIGHWAY SLUGS “Brother in love” (Brother in love/Just another loner, 7″ Hot Stuff)
8_THE CRIMSON SHADOWS “It’s too late” (NIghtmares/It’s too late, 7″ Screaming Apple)
9_FREDDIE & THE FOUR-GONE CONCLUSIONS “Today” (Today/Stand up, 7″ Get hip)
10_THE CORONETS “Many Mary” (V/A “Jailbait”, 7″ Demolition Derby)
11_THE OUTSIDEINSIDE “Death Valley charge” (V/A “Jailbait”, 7″ Demolition Derby)
12_YARD TRAUMA “Vicious circle” (Watching monster movies/Vicious circle, 7″ Munster)
13_BASEMENT BRATS “Sticks & stones” (V/A “Jailbait”, 7″ Demolition Derby)
14_THE BOYZ NEX’ DOOR “Punkarolla” (V/A “Jailbait”, 7″ Demolition Derby)
15_THE KEENS “Another day, another night” (Another day ep, 7″ Psych-Out)
16_THE WOLFMEN “Go go fool” (Wishy washy woman/Go go fool, 7″ Dionysus)
17_THE FLAKES “I’m moving on” (Back to school, lp Dollar Record)
18_SPIDER BABIES “I wanna eat your flesh” (Adventures in sex! and violence, lp Screaming Apple)


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