Diez Pulgadas #443 (06-10-2020)

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Diez Pulgadas #443 (2020-10-06)

1_BORN LOSERS “The black rider” (Tokyo drifter ep, 7″ Butterfly)
2_THE AC3 “Hey little buddy” (Hey little buddy/Got that baby, 7″ Hell Yeah!)
3_THE AC3 “Got that baby” (Hey little buddy/Got that baby, 7″ Hell Yeah!)
4_THE BRADLEO ADMINISTRATION “Seven days a week” (Seven days a week/Sierra, 7″ Florida’s Dying)
5_EARL’S FAMILY BOMBERS “Another shitty morning” (Another shitty morning ep, 7″ Major Label)
6_GAS HUFFER “Bedtime for freaky” (The shrill beeps of shrimp ep, 7″ Empty)
7_THE DAMBUILDERS “Colorado” (Colorado ep, 7″ Hep-Cat)
8_DYLAN HICKS + 3 PESOS “Time capsule” (Time capsule/Derivative of 8, 7″ Prospective)
9_BIG CHIEF “Built like an ordeal” (Get down and double check/Built like an ordeal, 7″ Get Hip)
10_BORN LOSERS “Tokyo drifter” (Tokyo drifter ep, 7″ Butterfly)
11_LOS DINGOS “Angel” (Angel/Waiting, 7″ Bang!)
12_LOS DINGOS “Waiting” (Angel/Waiting, 7″ Bang!)
13_LA SECTA “Dangerous” (The killer who wants some fun ep, 7″ Munster)
14_MOTOSIERRA “Nobody’s round” (Son of a bitch ep, 7″ Bad Attitude!)
15_STISISM “New York City” (Punch in the face E.P., 7″ Intensive Scare)
16_C-MEN “Ugly on a stick” (The wicked E.P., 7″ Pure Vinyl)
17_THE BOTTOMFEEDERS “I can’t stand you” (I can’t stand you/The mighty ranzerox, 7″ Scooch Pooch)
18_THE SPITFIRES “Rag days” (Cut me some slack/Rag days, 7″ Estrus)


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