Diez Pulgadas #360 (10-04-2018)

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Diez Pulgadas #360 (10-04-2018)

1_THE GEMS “Shutdown” (V/A “Fast-Track. 16 blazing instrumentals, lp Satan)
2_THE HIGHSPEED V “I don’t mind” (Bye bye bye/I don’t mind, 7″ Rave On)
3_THE STOMACHMOUTHS “I don’t need your love” (Wild trip, lp Voxx)
4_THE CRIMSON SHADOWS “Nightmares” (V/A “Dimensions of sound, lp Mysrery Scene)
5_THE HYMEN OF TONGUES “Live and learn” (Venus in blue jeans ep, 7″ Misty Lane)
6_THE MAGGOTS “Two Ft. tall” (Apeman 2000/Two Ft. tall, 7″ Screaming Apple)
7_THE MAHARAJAS “Repo man” (In pure spite, lp Gaztelupeko Hotsak)
8_THE ROADRUNNERS “Love me as I am” (Love me as I am/Payback time, 7″ Beluga Music)
9_THE VIPERS “Ain’t nothing like her” (Outta the nest!, lp PVC)
10_PLASTICLAND “Flower scene” (Flower scene/In my black and white, 7″ Midnight)
11_THE ELECTRIC ROACHES “1-2-5″ (1-2-5/Don’t wanna know, 7” Aller-Retour)
12_THE MISANTHROPES “Why do you treat me so bad” (Why do you treat me so bad ep, 7″ Get Hip)
13_THE INSOMNIACS “Feel, feel, feel” (Sylvia Gray ep, 7″ Outer Limits)
14_HEAD AND THE HARES “No use in tryin'” (Painted air ep, 7″ Outer Limits)
15_THE ROYAL HANGMEN “Mary Jane” (Mary Jane/You better tell that girl, 7″ Lost In Tyme)
16_FORTUNE & MALTESE & THE FABULOUS PALLBEARERS “Genie in a lamp” (Genie in a lamp/Vampira!, 7″ 360 Twist!)
17_THE LOBSTERS “All night lovin’ man” (All night lovin’ man/Diddy wah diddy, 7″ Magpie)
18_PERSIAN RUGS “St. Peters Infirmary” (St. Peters Infirmary/What’s a girl supose to do?, 7″ Screaming Apple)
19_THE MORLOCKS “I don’t do funerals anymore” (I don’t do funerals anymore/Nightmares, 7″ Dirty Water)


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