Diez Pulgadas #359 (03-04-2018)

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Diez Pulgadas #359 (03-04-2018)

1_THE REL YEA’S “Round rock boogie” (V/A “Fast-Track. 16 blazing instrumentals, lp Satan)
2_THE FEVERS “Get on again” (Get on again/Can’t be true, 7″ Plastic Idol)
3_DANGERLOVES “Lipsmart” (Lipsmart/So this is love, 7″ Fashionable Idiots)
4_PLEXI 3 “Timebox” (Timebox/What love is for, 7″ Full Breach Kicks)
5_GARBAGE DUMP “I wanna live in Tromaville” (I wanna live in Tromaville ep, 7″ Zorch Productions)
6_TRIO “Don’t forget” (Don’t forget/Fight, 7″ Target Earth)
7_THE NOVELTIES “Chanel Nº5″ (Instead of a hog ep, 7” Ken Rock)
8_RIVER CITY TANLINES “Get away” (Get away/Saw you hiding, 7″ Ken Rock)
9_CHERRY OVERDRIVE “I’ll be gone” (I’ll be gone/Fashion, 7″ Heptown)
10_AMERICAN SOUL SPIDERS “Now I’m alone” (Anyway anygirl/Now I’m alone, 7″ Get Hip)
11_ANNA & THE PSYCHOMEN “Wild mama” (Wild mama ep, 7″ Lo-Fi)
12_ASHLEY VON HURTER AND THE HATERS “Theodores me” (F.B.I. ep, 7″ Baby Doll)
13_GERIATRIX “Let’s get loose” (Switch blade ep, 7″ Tom Perkins)
14_THE SPENT IDOLS “No broken promises” (Oh no, (here we go again!)/No broken promises, 7″ Spent City)
15_THE GLORYHOLES “Screamer” (Screamer/This is all there is, 7″ Dirtnap)
16_THE ENDS “I’m sorry” (I’m sorry/The latest beat, 7″ Pelado)
17_THE LOADS “Nothin’ to lose” (Beach banshee ep, 7″ Pelado)
18_CHERRY THIRTEEN “Lower class angels” (Lower class angels/Hey mutha fucka, 7″ Coldfront)
19_STREET BRATS “You’ll never walk alone” (You’ll never walk alone ep, 7″ Full Breach Kicks)


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