Diez Pulgadas #358 (27-03-2018)

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Diez Pulgadas #358 (27-03-2018)

1_THE LOAFERS “Look-out” (V/A “Fast-Track. 16 blazing instrumentals, lp Satan)
2_THE JAPANESE GIRL “You should have switches” (You should have switches/Telephone operator, 7″ Munster)
3_WHITE HASSLE “Lazy Susan” (Lazy Susan/Good feelings, 7″ High Maintenance)
4_GIANT HAYSTACKS “The pigs vs. the kids” (How we lost the war ep, 7″ This Is Mistake)
5_GOODCHILDE “Sarapeutic” (Sarapeutic/Chips with everything, 7″ Twist)
6_MOTHER “Think tank” (3000 Miles/Firesnake/Think tank, 7″ Get Hip)
7_COLOR CACAS “Loose that girl” (S/T, 10″/pd Swamp Room) -*-
8_RIC RHYTHM AND THE REVENGERS “What’s he mean” (Free free love guns ep, 7″ Shit In Can)
9_OHM FACOM “Money” (Modern merde ep, 7″ Music For Stupid Jerks & Silly Girls!)-*-
10_JACK OF FIRE “96 larmes” (Marry me/96 larmes, 7″ Perpetrator)
11_THE EWINGS “Left me” (Rock & rule, 10″ Tear It Up)
12_THE M-80’S “Hell’s kitchen” (Slit my wrist/Hell’s kitchen, 7″ Dionysus)
13_THE M-80’S “Slit my wrist” (Slit my wrist/Hell’s kitchen, 7″ Dionysus)
14_BIG BOBBY AND THE NIGHTCAPS “Harm’s way” (Harm’s way ep, 7″ Black Lung)
15_CHEMICAL PEOPLE “All the best things” (Fun club single ep, 7″ 2″ Pecker)
16_THE WIMPS “Social girl” (Seventeen ep, 7″ Incognito)
17_KICK JONESES “Zombies on parade” (Paintbox ep, 7″ Flight 13)
18_LA CRY! “Bad tattoo” (Mini thin ep, 7″ V.M.L.)
19_THE GEE STRINGS “Dullish” (Bad reputation/Dullish, 7″ Stereodrive!)

-*- por problemas con los cables, estas canciones tienen algún corte…el fantasma de Radio La Granja vuelve a hacer de las suyas!!!!


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