Diez Pulgadas #345 (12-12-2017)

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Diez Pulgadas #345 (12-12-2017)

1_THE PETRIFIEDS “Man of mystery” (V/A “Surf’s up! 2″, 7” Misty Lane)
2_AL PERRY “39 pairs of shoes” (Losin’ hand/39 pairs of shoes, 7″ Demolition Derby)
3_POTATOMEN “On the avenue” (On the avenue ep, 7″ Lookout)
4_THE GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE “Shotgun silence” (Shotgun silence/Dirty blue, 7″ Lather)
5_THE AMATEURS “Driving so fast” (Driving so fast/Two minutes before, 7″ Romilar D)
6_MANUAL SCAN “Nothing you can do” (Plan of action ep, 7″ Munster)
7_POPDEFECT “Everyday is Brenda day” (Everyday is Brenda day/I am a poseur, 7″ Scooch Pooch)
8_YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FACES “I hate you” (I hate you/Spider-man, 7″ Autoeditado)
9_LOOSE LIPS “Doll face” (Two time loser ep, 7″ TKO)
10_NEW TOWN ANIMALS “Cori street” (Cori street/Spin so fast, 7″ Longshot)
11_THE POPSTERS “You said” (The scene ep, 7″ It’s Alive)
12_COCONUT COOLOUTS “The last man that you’ll ever see” (The last man that you’ll ever see/The monster crash (the regular peoples party), 7″ Dirtnap)
13_POPPETS “Stupid town” (Pre-party ep, 7″ Bachelor)
14_THE TOXIC FARMERS “Standing on the sidewalk” (The dark side of Elvis…ep, 7″ Nasty Product)
15_THE DAMN TIMES “Don’t like people” (Don’t like people/I got this one, 7″ Munster)
16_THE CHRONICS “Let it all out” (Dirty engine/Let it all out, 7″ Lonestar)
17_WRECKS “Gimme hell” (Gimme hell/Rock’N’Roll man, 7″ Zorch)
18_A-10 “Declaration” (Declaration/Terminal beach, 7″ Innocent)
19_A-10 “Terminal beach” (Declaration/Terminal beach, 7″ Innocent)


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