Diez Pulgadas #344 (05-12-2017)

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Diez Pulgadas #344 (05-12-2017)

1_THE ROYAL KNIGHTMARES “Surf date” (V/A “Surf’s up! 2″, 7” Misty Lane)
2_MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS “…and idols” (Heros/…and idols, 7″ Bag Of Hammers)
3_JEREMY GLUCK “Anybody” (I am time ep, 7″ Perpetrator)
4_CHRIS MASUAK & LOS ETERNOS “Animal” (Another lost weekend/Animal, 7″ H)
5_DEEP REDUCTION “Gotta say no” (Black tulip/Gotta say no, 7″ Get Hip)
6_JEFF DAHL GROUP “Ain’t got nothin'” (Ain’t got nothin’/Sonic reducer, 7″ Shakin’ Street)
7_NERVOUS EATERS “No more idols” (No more idols/Today and tomorrow, 7″ Penniman)
8_THE MONOMEN “Sin and tonic” (Mystery girl/Sin and tonic, 7″ Estrus)
9_UNNATURAL HELPERS “Connecting” (Dirty, dumb & comical ep, Sub Pop)
10_MAGNITUDE 3 “Jack the ripper” (Jack the ripper/She’s mine, 7″ Rockin’ Bones)
11_60 SECOND SWINGERS “Lonely and blue” (Lonely and blue/60 second swinger, 7″ Howlin’ Banana)
12_THE HARD FEELINGS “Bo’s bounce” (100 miles and hour/Bo’s bounce, 7″ Tear It Up)
13_THE HARD FEELINGS “100 miles and hour” (100 miles and hour/Bo’s bounce, 7″ Tear It Up)
14_BIG BOBBY AND THE NIGHTCAPS “Bad taste” (Not the same ep, 7″ Screaming Apple)
15_LOS PRIMOS “Summertime girls” (Summertime girls/Hard days night, 7″ Sympathy)
16_THE SHEMPS “Count me out” (Count me out/King of the garage, 7″ Weekend)
17_HI-FI AND THE ROADBURNERS “Hurricane” (Demons on Wicker Park, 7″ Victory)
18_THE HORMONES “You can’t win” (Sell out young/You can’t win, 7″ Unclean)
19_DIVISADERO’S “The right way” (Lost ep, 7″ Slok/MaXmo)


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