Diez Pulgadas #331 (27-06-2017)-10′ Dj Sessions Vol.21-Mademoiselle LaClaire (3)

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Diez Pulgadas #331 (27-06-2017)

1.THE KANALOAS “Morocco surf” (Letterjacket ep, 7″ Butterfly)
2.CASEY JONES AND THE GOVERNORS “Jack the ripper” (So long baby/Jack the ripper, 7″ Golden 12)
3.THE DARTS “Daddy cool/The girl can’t be help it” (Daddy cool/The girl can’t be help it/Medley excerpts, 7″ Magnet)
4.LOUIE AND THE LOUIES “Birdman” (Standoff/Birdman, 7″ Alopecia)
5.THE RIPPERS “I got my mojo working” (You can’t leave me all night alone/I got my mojo working, 7″ Slovenly)
6.THE RATS OF NEW YORK “Cannibal cannibal” (Droppin’ out/Cannibal cannibal, 7″ No Red Tape)
7.DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS “Better listen up good” (Better listen up good/Nice to your buddy, 7″ P.Trash)
8.THE ULTRA TWIST “No beer no fun” (No beer no fun ep, 7″ Bubca)
9.THE REVELATORS “Serve the man” (Serve the man/Crawdad, 7″ Crypt)
10.THE STEVE MCQUEENS “Trini trimpop get out the air” (Trini trimpop get out the air!!!! ep, 7″ Radio Blast)
11.IDDLE HANDS “This generation’s on vacation” (Split w/Mutagens, 7″ P.Trash)
12.LIPSTICK VIBRATORS “Drag me to hell” (Drag me to hell ep, 7″ Rockin’ Dogs)
13.RADIO REELERS “One of the gang” (Too dumb to quit ep, 7″ Meaty Beaty/No Front Teeth)
14.THE GREY SPIKES “Ready to lose” (Thunderation ep, 7″ Demolition Derby)
15.CUTE LEPERS “Blackmarket lepeprs 00″ (No scape/Blackmarket lepeprs 00, 7” No Front Teeth)
16.THE MUFFS “Big mouth” (Big mouth/Do the robot, 7″ Sympathy)
17.THE RIFF RANDELS “Gotta move on” (Doublecross’, lp Alien Snatch!)
18.DA WILLYS “N.Y. Stomp” (Saturday night party, lp Brake Out)
19.THE W.I.N.K.S. “You’re so hot” (Too hot to be this cool, lp Rockin’ Bones)
20.SEX CRIME “I am an observer” (I am an observer +2, 7″ Jonny Cat)
21.ATOMS “Format” (Format +2, 7″ P. Trash/Seet Tooth)
22.MARYS KIDS “I say no!” (Say no!, lp No Balls/Ghost Highway)
23.ATOM NOTES “Infrared” (Spare parts, lp Combat Rock Industry)
24.UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS “Ring my bell” (In the air tonight, lp Radium)
25.PALMERA “Las llaves de la moto” (Las llaves de la moto/Gritando junto a ti, 7″ Movieplay)


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