Diez Pulgadas #330 (20-06-2017)

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Diez Pulgadas #330 (20-06-2017)

1.BILLY LEE AND THE RAMBLERS “Trav’lin” (V/A “Flyin’ saucer twist: The Northway Sound Records story Vol. one”, 7″ Norton)
2.COUNTRY JOE McDONALD “Hold on it’s coming (Part 1)” (Hold on it’s coming (Part 1)/Hold on it’s coming (Part 2), 7″ Vanguard)
3.MITCH RIDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS “Sweet Jane (Mo-Mo Jane)” (Jenny takes a ride/Sweet Jane (Mo-Mo Jane), 7″ New Voice)
4.THE ANIMALS “I’m crying” (House of the rising sun ep, 7″ EMI-Electrola)
5.WALLY TAX “Miss wonderful” (Miss wonderful/Take me for what I am, 7″ Ariola)
6.THE DAVE CLARK FIVE “Bits and pieces” (Bits and pieces/All of the time, 7″ Columbia)
7.THE BUCKINGHAMS “Kind of a drag” (Kind of a drag/You make me feel so good, 7″ U.S.A. Records)
8.THE MERSEYBEATS “Really mystified” (Don’t turn around/Really mystified, 7″ Fontana)
9.THE FIVE AMERICANS “Zip code” (Zip code/Weet bird of youth, 7″ Abnak)
10.THE YARDBIRDS “Heart ful of soul” (Heart ful of soul/Steeled blues, 7″ Epic)
11.JERRY LEE TRIO “Banshee” (V/A “Flyin’ saucer twist: The Northway Sound Records story Vol. one”, 7″ Norton)
12.?????????? “I’m gonna destroy that boy” (I’m gonna destroy that boy/Watch out, 7″ Munster)
13.THE 5 TORQUAYS “There she walks” (Boys are boys/There she walks, 7″ Munster)
14.THE ALARM CLOCKS “No reasons to complain” (No reasons to complain/Yeah, 7″ Awake)
15.THE MOJO MEN “Dance with me” (Dance with me/Loneliest boy in town, 7″ Autumn)
16.PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS “Steppin’ out” (Steppin’ out/Blue fox, 7″ Columbia)
17.SEAN BONNIWELL // THE MUSIC MACHINE “King mixer” (Point of no return/King mixer, 7″ Sundazed)
18.THE GROUPIES “You changed again” (Down in the bottom/You changed again, 7″ Sundazed)
19.THE E-TYPES “I can’t do it” (I can’t do it/Long before, 7″ Sundazed)
20.THE YOUNGBLOODS “All my dreams blue” (All my dreams blue/Sham, 7″ Sundazed)
21.THE BEAVERS “Love me baby” (Chantilly lace/Love me baby, 7″ Sundazed)



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