Diez Pulgadas #328 (06-06-2017)

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En el progrma de hoy nos rendimos tributo a nosotros mismos y hacemos el programa íntegramente con 10″…a disfrutar!!!!

Diez Pulgadas #328 (06-06-2017)

1.LOMBEGO SURFERS “Roadside” (Friednly fire, 10″ Flight 13)
2.LOMBEGO SURFERS “Short changed” (Friednly fire, 10″ Flight 13)
3.CRUSADERS, THE “She wants more” (She beats me up, 10″ Stolen)
4.THE DELTABONDS “I’m satisfied” (Got fun if you want it!, 10″ Larsen)
5.DE KEEFMEN “Say we’re through” (S/T, 10″ Kuriosa)
6.DE KEEFMEN “6654321” (S/T, 10″ Kuriosa)
7.THE THANES “When I love you” (Thanes of cawdor, 10″ Minotaur Music)
8.THE SMOGGERS “Silent spring” (Smoggin’ your mind, 10″ Clifford)
9.THE HYSTERIANS “Comin’ home” (Walking out, 10″ Saturno)
10.THE ELEMENT 79 “Walk on by” (Dig out!, 10″ 360 Twist!)
11.THE RIGHT NOWS “Feeling down” (S/T, 10″ Sunny Day/Action Weekend)
12.THE JEWWS “Heartbreaker” (Heartbreaker, 10″ Remedial)
13.DEMOLITION GIRL AND THE STRAWBERRY BOYS “Playboy boxeshort baby” (Glittercocks & pneumatic pumps, 10″ Home Sick)
14.SLIDE AND THE QUESTION MARKS “Tell me tell me” (S/T, Incognito)
15.ASHLEY VON HURTER AND THE HATERS “I don’t wanna go out” (S/T, 10″ Over The Counter)
16.HOMOPLASTIK “Gary Gilmore in the island of Dr. Moreau” (Livin’ bondage, 10″ Ken Rock)
17.THE NUMBERS “Woke up on my face” (Music design, 10″ Dead Beat)
18.SMUT PEDDLERS “Dead end” (Ten inch, 10″ Dead Beat)
19.THE DEAD CITY REBELS “Alcohol and Rock’N’Roll” (Rock’N’roll enemy #1, 10″ High Society International)
20.NEW BOMB TURKS “Action” (The blind run, 10″ Epitaph)
21.THEE HEADCOATS “Ain’t that lovin’ you baby” (The Jimmy Reed experience, 10″ Get Hip)


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