Diez Pulgadas #324 (02-05-2017)-Lili Zeller & Iwan Lozac’h…de The No-Talents a Chrome Reverse

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Diez Pulgadas #324 (02-05-2017)

1.CHROME REVERSE “Nameless” (You say you love me…ep, 7″ Bachelor)
2.THE NO-TALENTS “We are The No-Talents” (100% No-Talent, lp Wild Wild)
3.THE NO-TALENTS “The right to be rich & conservative” (Easy girl +3, 7″ Incognito)
4.THE NO-TALENTS “My baby is a midget” (100% No-Talent, lp wild Wild)
5.THE NO-TALENTS “I ain’t no wife” (100% No-Talent, lp wild Wild)
6.THE SPLASH FOUR “We don’t” (Shame, shame, shame, 10″ Dionysus)
7.THE SPLASH FOUR “Keep your hands off my babe” (Filth city, 10″ Estrus)
8.THE SPLASH FOUR “Filth city” (Filth city, 10″ Estrus)
9.LIL Z. “Nix! Nix! Nix!” (The two of us, cd Polly Maggoo)
10.LES TERRIBLES “Je serai terrible” (Il sont formidables!, lp Screaming Apple)
11.CHROME REVERSE “You say (you love me)”(You say you love me…ep, 7” Bachelor)
12.CHROME REVERSE “Do what?” (Do what ep, 7″ Kizmiaz)
13.CHROME REVERSE “Headache” (Do what ep, 7″ Kizmiaz)
14.SEX CRIME “She’s got (no reason to dance)” (All systems no/She’s got (no reason to dance), 7″ No Front Teeth)
15.ANTEENAGERS M.C. “99th floor” (V/A “A tribute to the original PEBBLES series Vol.1 to 10, lp Not-BFD)
16.STEVE & THE JERKS “The drawback” (Split w/The Hecklers, 7″ Rockin’ Bones)
17.THE FOUR SLICKS “Bad girl” (Bye bye bye ep, 7″ Savage)
18.LES DRAGUEURS “Mom allumeuse” (…à la surboum!, lp Wild Wild)
19.THE GUARANTEED UGLY “Little girl lost” (Patchwork man/Little girl lost, 7″ Wild Wild)
20.THE KAISERS “Alligator twist” (Alligator twist ep, 7″ Wild Wild)
21.THE SQUARES “Bewitched” (Bewitched/You come home, 7″ Royal)
22.THE MASONICS “Hey Calinda” (In a man’s heart ep, 7″ Royal)
23.PERSUADERS “I’m a fool” (Van ride ep, 7″ Royal)
24.THE KIRKS “Nowhere” (Rotten love +3, 7″ Royal)



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