Diez Pulgadas #318 (14-03-2017)-Chicas Vo.1

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Diez Pulgadas #318 (14-03-2017)

1.THE TRASHWOMAN “Aphrodisia” (Aphrodisia ep, 7″ Hillsdale)
2.PENETRATION “Life’s a gamble” (Life’s a gamble/VI.P., 7″ Virgin)
3.VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES “I want to be where the boys are” (I want to be where the boys are/Dog food, 7″ Spark)
4.THE GEE STRINGS “Wanna buy a boyfriend” (Alternative losers”, lp High Society International)
5.THE DEADLY WEAPONS “Can’t take it” (Get right in there, lp Jonny Cat)
6.THE NO-TALENTS “Easy girl” (100% No-Talent ep, 7″ Incognito)
7.THE CREAMERS “Stay with me” (Dead weight/Stay with me, 7″ Triple X)
8.COCO COBRA & THE KILLERS “In my dreams” (Baby you done me wrong ep, 7″ Ken Rock)
9.FITTS “Girls like U (deserve 2 die)” (I have to laugh (when I see U hurt) ep, 7″ Big Neck)
10.THE 440’S “Power play” (Let it die/Power play, 7″ Big Brothel)
11.THE TRASHWOMAN “Cat walk” (Aphrodisia ep, 7″ Hillsdale)
12.THE BROOD “I need you there” (I need you there/You got me, 7″ Get Hip)
13.THE GO-DEVILS “You’re gone” (I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s raining/You’re gone, 7″ Dionysus)
14.THE DIABOLIKS “Please don’t stare” (Danger!, lp Dionysus)
15.GORE GORE GIRLS “Fight fire” (Burn + dead/Fight fire, 7″ Bellyache)
16.PUSSYCATS “Knock out” (Chick-A-Boom ep, 7″ Hell Yeah)
17.MR. AIRPLANE MAN “Like that” (Moanin’, lp Sympathy)
18.THE MUFFS “Crush me” (Happy birthday to me, lp Telstar)
19.THE DT’S “Lights out” (Lights out/Wet cake Pt.II, 7″ Gearhead)
20.DEAD MOON “” (Dead ahead, lp Tombstone/Music Maniac)
21.THE GITS “Second skin” (Frenching the bully, lp C/Z)



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