Diez Pulgadas #311 (20-12-2016)

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Diez Pulgadas #311 (20-12-2016)

1.THE BRILLANTINA’S “I am the anaconda” (Twilinght dingos, lp Sonic)
2.THE CRAWLING WALLS “Tell me why” (Inner limits, lp Voxx)
3.NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS “Jeno’s day (of big decisions)” (New Salem Witch Hunters, lp Herb Jackson)
4.THE WHAT…FOR! “Of hopes and dreams” (The What…For!, lp Twang!)
5.THE WAY-OUTS “Getting hard to please you” (Psychotic retraction, lp Action)
6.THE URGES “So uptight” (Psych ward, lp Screaming Apple)
7.THE WILDEBEESTS “Lucinda” (Annie get your GNU’, lp Screaming Apple)
8.THE WOGGLES “Rock And Roll backlash” (Rock And Roll backlash, lp Wicked Cool)
9.THE BRILLANTINA’S “Maraccas my jungle” (Twilinght dingos, lp Sonic)
10.THE DRAGONS “Don’t waste my time” (Rock’N’Roll kamikaze, lp Gearhead)
11.NEW WAVE HOOKERS “Saturday night hooker” (New Wave Hookers, mlp Junk)
12.TRASH BRATS “Must be the cocaine” (Split w/Campus Tramps, lp Rockin’ Bones)
13.CAMPUS TRAMPS “Crash your party” (Split w/Trash Brats, lp Rockin’ Bones)
14.THE EASY LIVIN’ “Give me everything” (Dead end radio, lp Rockin’ Bones)
15.THE DIRTY BABIES “Bad girls go to hell” (The Dirty Babies, lp Wood Shampoo)
16.THE PANIC BUTTONS “She only loves me when she’s punching me in the face” (Alabamalama, lp Ken Rock)
17.RADIO BEATS “Feel alright” (Ready to shake, lp Big Neck)
18.FRANTIC “Whitetown” (Attaque of the grizzlie, lp Die Slaughterhaus/Douche Master)



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