Diez Pulgadas #310 (13-12-2016)-Desde tierras sorianas Vol.1

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Diez Pulgadas #310 (13-12-2016)

1.THE BRILLANTINA’S “Malice” (Twilinght dingos, lp Sonic)
2.THE EYES OF MIND “With you again” (Tales of the turquoise umbrella, mlp Voxx)
3.PLAN 9 “Try to run” (Plan 9, lp New Rose)
4.YARD TRAUMA “Must’ve something I took last night” (Must’ve something I took last night, lp Dionysus)
5.THE MORLOCKS “In the cellar” (Emerge, mlp Midnight)
6.THE BEGUILED “Gone away” (Gone away, lp Dionysus)
7.THE MINERS OF MUZO “No trouble” (Dig deep for…, lp Ediesta)
8.THE NOMADS “Double decker bus” (Raw & rare, 10″ Estrus)
9.MIRACLE WORKERS “Evil woman, don’t you play your games with me” (Live at The Forum, lp Glitterhouse)
10.THE CAVEMANISH BOYS “Remember this time” (Get a load of…, lp Munster)
11.THE BRILLANTINA’S “Sunset ryder” (Twilinght dingos, lp Sonic)
12.WORLD OFDISTORTION “Skull digger” (All the volume…twice distortion!, lp Voxx)
13.THE DEL HOYO “Running around the highway” (The hole world, lp Polar)
14.LOS BUGES “Like a bastard” (Atomic, lp Al.leluia)
15.VINCENT VON REVERB & THE ELECTRIC COWBOYS “Disfraces” (Rock & Roll brother, 10″ Vive Le Rock!)
16.THE SNOBS “Niña rica” (Rock & Roll woman, lp El Beasto)
17.DEAD MOON “War baby” (Thirteen off my hook, lp Music Maniac)



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