Diez Pulgadas #308 (22-11-2016)-10′ Dj Sessions Vol.18-Francho Furioso (2)

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Hoy tenemos por el programa a Francho Furioso que nos trae sus discos favoritos. También nos llama por teléfono el gran Sanz que no pudo estar por pillarle un poco a desmano. Por si fuera pocoel espíritu de Aznar y el PP se apodera de los platos y de las manos (más bien zarpas) de quien los maneja. Descubre todo esto y buena música dándole al play…

Diez Pulgadas #308 (22-11-2016)

1.THE JAM “The gift” (The gift, lp Polydor)
2.THE STYLE COUNCIL “The big boss groove” (You’re the best thing/The big boss groove, 7″ Polydor)
3.ANDY LEWIS & PAUL WELLER “Are you trying to be lonely?” (Are you trying to be lonely?/Tell me once again you love me, 7″ Acid Jazz)
4.THE JAM “The eton rifles” (The eton rifles/See saw, 7″ Polydor)
5.PAUL WELLER “Peacock suit” (Peacock suit/Eye of the storm, 7″ Go Discs)
6.THE CIRCLES “Opening up” (Opening up/Billy, 7″ Graduate)
7.THIRTEEN “Girls aren’t the same” (Girls aren’t the same/Teddy boy, 7″ Sing Sing)
8.THE ROCKERS “I want to tell you” (Don’t leave me tonight ep, 7″ Cheap Rewards)
9.BABY WOODROSE “Coming around again” (Coming around again/I feel high, 7″ Bad Afro)
10.SWEET APPLE “Wish you could stay (a little longer)” (Wish you could stay (a little longer)/(My head is stuck in the) Traffic, 7″ Outer Battery)
11.SCREAMING TREES “Song of a baker” (Nearly lost you, mx Sony)
12.SOLOMON GRUNDY “My prison is my freedom” (Stone soup, lp New Alliance)
13.PURPLE OUTSIDE “White plastic” (Mystery lane, lp New Alliance)
14.SCREAMING TREES “Anita Grey” (Last words: the final recordings, lp Sunyata)
15.GARY LEE CONNER “Desintegrate” (Ether traccers, lp Strange Earth)
16.PIERCED ARROWS “Caroline” (In my brain/Caroline, 7″ Tombstone)
17.MAGIC CHRISTIAN “Tomorrow never comes” (Turn up the heart/Tomorrow never comes, 7″ Get Hip)
18.THE KINKS “I’m not like everybody else” (Sunny afternoon/I’m not like everybody else, 7″ Hit-Ton Schallplatten)
19.THE DUST BOWL “Evil youth” (Split w/The Dry Mouths, 7″ Clifford/Aneurisma)
20.GUIDED BY VOICES “Alex and the omegas” (Alex and the omegas +2, 7″ Guided By Voices Inc.)
21.TINNY’S ORGANISM “I’m on a hunt!” (I’m on a hunt! +2, 7″ Douche Master)
22.GUNBALL “Summer days” (This town/Summer days, 7″ Paperhouse)
23.GRANT HART “Morning star” (So far from heaven/Morning star, 7″ Con D’or)



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