Diez Pulgadas #298 (14-06-2016)

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Diez Pulgadas #298 (14-06-2016)

1.CASUALS INCORPORATED “Move over” (V/A “The boss instrumentals ep!, 7” Romulan)
2.CROMOSOMA 3 “Mentes enfermas” (Mentes enfermas +2, 7″ Dead By Mono)
3.LOS CREYENTES “Witchcraft man” (Split w/Las Membranas, 7″ Bloody Hotsak)
4.LAS MEMBRANAS “¡Corre, niña, corre!” (Split w/Los Creyentes, 7″ Bloody Hotsak)
5.LOS JUSTICIEROS “Vas a matarme (you make me die)” (¡¡¡Waka wakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ep, 7″ Freeky Dicky)
6.THE GARAGE GODS “Had enough of your lies” (Had enough of your lies/She don’t love you anymore, 7″ Lost In Tyme)
7.THEE GRAVEMEN “All black and hairy” (Haunted/All black and hairy, 7″ Dirty Water)
8.BEAST WITH A GUN “Wicked ways” (Wicked ways/Uh-huh honey, 7″ Murder Slim)
9.THE BAXX SISI’S “Stop me” (Split w/Wild Zeros, 7″ Chickpea)
10.WILD ZEROS “Do you know” (Split w/The Baxx Sisi’s, 7″ Chickpea)
11.Dr. T. & THE UNDERTAKERS “Deceased (Undertakes theme)” (V/A “The boss instrumentals ep!, 7” Romulan)
12.RADIO SHANGHAI “Artificial work” (Huv I the right?/Artificial work, 7″ Target Earth)
13.THE GIRLS “Transfer station” (Transfer station/Elephant tricks, 7″ Milk & Chocolate)
14.DAMN FAMILIAR “Big city blues, small town delight” (Wait a minute that sounds…, 7″ Subwix)
15.THE WILD WEEK-END “Take you to dance” (Next your bombs ep, 7″ Lo-Fi)
16.PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS “Don’t worry ‘bout me baby” (Don’t worry ‘bout me baby/Idle time, 7″ Cutthroat)
17.BORN LIARS “Back where I belong” (Go back one day +2, 7″ Cutthroat)
18.THE KAMIKAZES “I wanna be with you” (Time for Rock’N’Roll ep, 7″ Alien Snatch)
19.JJ & THE REAL JERKS “Punch out at the record shop” (High anxiety society +2, 7″ Kung Pao Chicken Pickin’)



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