Diez Pulgadas #297 (07-06-2016)

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Diez Pulgadas #296 (31-05-2016)

1.THE KANALOAS “Surf like egyptian” (Letterjacket ep, 7″ Butterfly)
2.WALTER DANIELS & THE GOSPEL CLODHOPPERS “Take your foot out of the mood & put it in the sand” (Harmonica!/Take your foot out of the mood & put it in the sand, 7″ Ghost Highway)
3.SKIP JENSEN & HIS SHAKIN’ FEET “Evil weirdos” (Evil weirdos EP, 7″ Yakisakana)
4.APE CITY R&B “Firestarter” (Firestarter ep, 7″ La-Ti-Da)
5.CHARLIE AND THE MOONHEARTS “Chickachicka (bangbsng)” (I think you’re swell ep, 7″ Goodbye Boozy)
6.THE URGES “You’re gonna find out” (V/A “Join the tea set”, 7″ Rowed Out)
7.THE LOST 45’S “She’s outta sight” (V/A “Do it for kicks!”, 7″ Rowed Out)
8.THE OTHER GUYS “Love potion Nº9″ (Switch blade ep, 7” Butterfly)
9.MARK & THE SPIES “Everything I need” (Everything I need ep, 7″ Butterfly)
10.LOVELAND “Black glove” (Black glove/Missing illusions, 7″ Butterfly)
11.ELS TRONS “Corro com el vent” (El que queda de mi ep, 7″ Butterfly)
12.THE KANALOAS “Glassy” (Letterjacket ep, 7″ Butterfly)
13.THE MEANIE GEANIES “No more” (No more/Stormy, 7″ Fuzz Overdose)
14.THE TEDDY BOYS FROM THE CRYPT “Pay the price” (Pay the price! ep, 7″ Fuzz Overdose)
15.JACKS “Baby” (Baby ep, 7″ Fuzz Overdose)
16.MONOMEN “Sin #1″ (Hate your way ep, 7” Pure Vinyl)
17.THE DEFECTORS “Bloody, bloody mary” (Split w/The Lariots, 7″ Rigolboch’)
18.LOS CINCOS “Spacezinger: the adventures of Los Cincos” (Los Cincos ep, 7″ Demolition Derby)
19.THE GREY SPIKES “Redliner” (Thunderation ep, 7″ Demolition Derby)



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