Diez Pulgadas #292 (19-04-2016)

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Pues hoy nos ha salido el programa un poco saturadillo, ya perdonaréis. Tecnología y manos de pato es lo que tienen. A ver si la semana que viene sale mejor…que ya va siendo hora de sacar algo de provecho al tema!!!!!

Diez Pulgadas #292 (19-04-2016)

1.THE TRASHWOMEN “Dragula” (Aphrodisia ep, 7″ Hillsdale)
2.BARRACUDAS “Chevy baby” (Summer fun/Chevy baby, 7″ Wipe Out)
3.HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEETREMBLERS “Hold on, here I come” (Hold on, it’s…ep, 7″ Kizmiaz)
4.NOX “Oste” (Nox bastardos ep, 7″ Psych-Out)
5.THEE PHANTOM HERD “Lordy” (Split w/The Bonnevilles, 7″ Eruption)
6.THE BONNEVILLES “Santa Muerte murder songs (No law in Lurgan/Murderers love song)” (Split w/Thee Phantom Herd, 7″ Eruption)
7.THE UNTAMED “Graveyard rats” (The cannibal king ep, 7″ Heptown)
8.PRESIDENT FETCH “Victimized” (Victimized ep, 7″ Heptown)
9.THE TRASHWOMEN “Surf creature” (Aphrodisia ep, 7″ Hillsdale)
10.BEAT BEAT “Without you” (Without you ep, 7″ Bachelor/Milk & Chocolate)
11.THE MORNING SHAKES “Take you out” (Take you out! ep, 7″ Sack O’Shit)
12.PUFFBALL “Outta my face” (Full throttle Rock’N’Roll, 7″ 007)
13.THE SEWERGROOVES “Set me free” (Electric (shake me around)/Set me free, 7″ Safety Pin)
14.69-HARD “Gone gone gone” (Gone gone gone +2, 7″ Bad Attitude)
15.THE ACCIDENTS “Gravy train” (Dannelly field airport, 7″ Incognito)
16.ADAM WEST “Vex me hex me” (Vex me hex me/Gangland, 7″ Bootleg Booze)
17.THE B-MOVIE RATS “Stay with me” (Drop dead L.A./Stay with me, 7″ Safety Pin)
18.ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN “I just can’t kick” (Takin’ you down/I just can’t kick, 7″ TKO)
19.THE NEW BOMB TURKS “Cryin’ into the beer of a drunk man” (Dragstrip riot/Cryin’ into the beer of a drunk man, 7″ Munster)
20.THE DUMMIES “Beer drinker” (I’m gone +2, 7″ Get Hip)



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