Diez Pulgadas #291 (12-04-2016)

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Para el programa de hoy, nuestra compañera Mademoiselle LaClaire se cuela en la cueva de 10″ y selecciona unos cuantos singles al azar. Este es el resultado…

Diez Pulgadas #291 (12-04-2016)

1.THE STRANGERS “The caterpillar crawl” (Rockin’ rebel/The caterpillar crawl, 7″ Titan)
2.THE RISING TIDES “I’m crying” (Take the world as it comes/I’m crying, 7″ Feathered Apple)
3.THE MOJO MEN “Dance with me” (Dance with me/Loneliest boy in town, 7″ Autumn)
4.THE GROUPIES “You changed again” (Down in the bottom/You changed again, 7″ Sundazed)
5.THE 5 TORQUAYS “Boys are boys” (Boys are boys/There she walks, 7″ Munster)
6.LYRES “How do you know?” (Don’t give it up now/How do you know?, 7″ Dirty Water)
7.THE BEATPACK “Frustrated 3rd party” (Not tonight/Frustrated 3rd party, 7″ Screaming Apple)
8.THE MORNING AFTER “Drivin’ me insane” (One and one is three/Drivin’ me insane, 7″ For Monsters)
9.THE NUTHINS “Missing link” (Cementery chemistry E.P., 7″ For Monsters)
10.THE WITCH DOCTORS “Goin’ to the graveyard” (Goin’ to the graveyard +3, 7″ Screaming Apple)
11.SHUTDOWN 66 “Crawling back to me” (Split w/The Young Pennsylvanians, 7″ Corduroy)
12.THE YOUNG PENSSYLVANIANS “You’re a dirty liar” (Split w/Shutdown 66, 7″ Corduroy)
13.THE WAY-OUTS “Can’t take no more” (Can’t take no more/I’ll walk away, 7″ Lost In Tyme)
14.THE MIRACLE MEN “The magic’s gone” (Let me love you ep, 7″ Kuriosa)
15.THE SATANS “Get off my back” (Get off my back +3, 7″ Existential Vacuum)
16.BIG BOBBY AND THE NIGHTCAPS “Not the same” (Not the same +3, 7″ Screaming Apple)
17.THE HARD FEELINGS “100 miles and hour” (100 miles and hour/Bo’s bounce, 7″ Tear It Up)
18.LOS PRIMOS “Summertime girls” (Twistin’ con Los Primos, 7″ Sympathy)
19.YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FACES “I hate you” (I hate you/Spider-man, 7″ Autoeditado)
20.THE SHEMPS “Count me out” (Count me out/King of garage, 7″ Week end)
21.THE CRYIN’ OUT LOUDS “Bloodhound” (Bloodhound/Motorcity cop, 7″ Rip Off)
22.NERVOUS EATERS “No more idols” (No more idols/Today and tomorrow, 7″ Penniman)



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