Diez Pulgadas #282 (01-12-2015)

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Diez Pulgadas #282 (01-12-2015)

01- MONOMEN “Rawhide” (V/A “Think lilnk! Volume 2, 10” Drink’N’Drive)
02- THE CRAWDADDYS “Crawdaddy express” (Crawdaddy express, lp Line)
03- THE CRAWDADDYS “I wanna put a tiger in your tank” (Crawdaddy express, lp Line)
04- THE TELL TALE HEARTS “Forever alone” (Tell Tale Hearts, lp Voxx)
05- THE TELL TALE HEARTS “Me needing you” (Tell Tale Hearts, lp Voxx)
06- THE HOODS “We are your fear” (We are your fear/Never got thru, 7″ Screaming Apple)
07- THE LOONS “Stumble & fall” (Stumble & fall/Strange, 7″ Max Picou)
08- THE LOONS “Strange” (Stumble & fall/Strange, 7″ Max Picou)
09- EVIL EYES “Guilty” (Guilty/You burn me up & down, 7″ Screaming Apple)
10- THE MAKERS “Yeah, yeah, yeah” (Yeah, yeah, yeah +2, 7″ Dionysus)
11- THE WORST “She’s wrong” (The creepy thing ep, 7″ Screaming Apple)
12- THE CRIMSON SHADOWS “Nightmares” (Nightmares/It’s too late, 7″ Screaming Apple)
14- THE VOLCANOS “The sweeper” (V/A “Think lilnk! Volume 2, 10” Drink’N’Drive)
15- THE TEARS “She ain’t right” (She ain’t right +2, lp Bancroft)
16- THE HAVENOT’S “Go away” (Go away/Kids all right, 7″ Screaming Apple)
17- THE SUPERFLY T.N.T.’S “Get out of my life” (Have a wild weekend with…ep, 7″ Wild Weekend)
18- THE WHITTINGTONS “What’s up baby?” (What’s up baby?/Moonboy, 7″ Sack O’Shit)
19- THE VATICANS “Commotion” (Commotion/Talking about you, 7″ Pure Filth)
20- THE SHIFTERS “Don’t care” (Don’t care/Car burglar, 7″ Rip Off)
21- INTIMATE FAGS “Break the back” (Break the back/Fake, 7″ Rip Off)



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