Diez Pulgadas #265 (20-05-2014)

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1- SEARCH, THE “Climate” (V/A “Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes Vol. 1: 60 Miles High, lp Bacchus Archives)
2- STOUT BROTHERS “Folson Prison blues” (Split w/Digger And The Pussycats, 7″ Beast/Trashmondain)
3- DIGGER AN THE PUSSYCATS “San Quentin” (Split w/Stout Brothers, 7″ Beast/Trashmondain)
4- MAGNITUDE 3 “Jack the ripper” (Jack the ripper/She’s mine, 7″ Rockin’ Bones)
5- TH’ LOSIN’ STRREAKS “Blue girl” (Sounds of violence, lp Slovenly)
6- TH’ LOSIN’ STRREAKS “Hate” (Sounds of violence, lp Slovenly)
7- $IRES, THE “It ain’t happening anymore” (Rules of your heart, lp Twist)
8- $IRES, THE “Spanish girl” (Rules of your heart, lp Twist)
9- DROPOUTS, THE “Bye bye baby” (The primitive R&B sound of…, 7″ Unclean)
10- SUBSONICS “Fire engine” (WinUp doll/Fire engine, 7″ Worrybird Disk)
11- PERVERTS, THE “Rivier de maas” (Split w/Spider Babies, 7″ G.I. Productions)
12- SPIDER BABIES “Teenage gynecologist” (Split w/The Perverts, 7″ G.I. Productions)
13- WIGGLUN HIPS, THE “Oh lord!” (Oh lord!, 10″ Ken Rock)
14- SINIXTER SIX “Go away” (Go away/Keep my cool, 7″ Empty)
15- RIP OFFS, THE “Go away” (Go away/Sleeparound, 7″ Rip Off)
16- SPOILED BRATS, THE “No go” (Split w/Buttafuoco, 2×7″ Maximumrocknroll)
17- BUTTAFUOCO “Sinner” (Split w/The Spoiled Brats, 2×7″ Maximumrocknroll)
18- ASHLEY VON HURTER AND THE HATERS “Theodores me” (F.B.I. ep, 7″ Baby Doll)
19- ASHLEY VON HURTER AND THE HATERS “Midget” (F.B.I. ep, 7″ Baby Doll)
20- CARBONAS “Nineteen” (Lost Cause and Nineteen live At Robs house, 7″ Rob’s House)
21- CHRONICS, THE “Go on” (First time, best time/Go on, 7″ Rip Off)
22- IDILS, THE “Bad time for me and my sheba” (Down with Idyls, 7″ Ken Rock)



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