Diez Pulgadas #249 (10-12-2013)

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1- STRANGERS, THE “Rockin’ rebel” (V/A “Instrumental madness!”, Ostrich)
2- SAVAGE CITY OUTLAWS “Tarzan taborda” (Tarzan taborda ep, 7″ Wrecked ‘Em)
3- STRYCHNINE “We’re desperate” (Hate finger ep, 7″ Tko)
4- MOORAT FINGERS, THE “Pig inside” (Rejected ep, 7″ High School Reject)
5- DISKORDS, THE “Heart full of napalm” (Heart full of napalm +3, 7″ Vinyl Warning)
6- GAGFACTORS, THE “Gag-factors” (We rock you suck, 7″ Rockin’ Bones)
7- GAGFACTORS, THE “Starry eyes” (We rock you suck, 7″ Rockin’ Bones)
8- X-RAYS, THE “Arrogant fucked-up shit” (Crawling back to vegas/Arrogant fucked-up shit, 7″ Savage)
9- SUPERFLY T.N.T.’S “Deader than disco” (Is Elvis dead? Yes!!!, Split w/Morticia’s Lovers, 7″ Perdurabo)
10- MORTICIA’S LOVERS “Boredom” (Is Elvis dead? Yes!!!, Split w/Superfly T.N.T.’s, 7″ Perdurabo)
11- SHEMPS, THE “Count me out” (Count me out/King of garage, 7″ Weekend)
12- FOUR SLICKS, THE “The crazy little house on the hill” (Bye bye bye ep, 7″ Savage)
13- TEENAGE REJECTS, THE “She’s my girl” (Teen trash series Vol.2, 7″ Alien Snatch)
14- VELVETONES, THE “Beetle walk” (V/A “Instrumental madness!”, Ostrich)
15- MURDER CITY WRECKS “American hero” (Hell is where my heart is/American hero, 7″ Beer City)
16- WONGS, THE “Get away” (Get away! ep, 7″ Rerun)
17- TYRADES “I am homicide” (I am homicide +2, Shit Sandwich)
18- LOADS, THE “Beach banshee” (Runaway/Beach banshee, 7″ Pelado)
19- DISAPPOINTMENTS, THE “Loud, drunk and high” (Sex, drugs, and puke! ep, 7″ Radio)
20- PIMPS, THE “Nose pain” (Wicca chicka E.P., 7″ Rapid Pulse)
21- SGT. 6 ASSAULT “Hit the deck” (Save it for another day +4, 7″ 007)
22- COMAS, THE “Anything for kicks” (Anything for kicks +3, 7″ Therapeutic)
23- CADAVERS, THE “Bad kid” (Bad kid +2, 7″ Radio)
24- PUT ONS, THE “Sleeping with the devil” (Get your kicks/Sleeping with the devil, 7″ Puke N Vomit/Manic)



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