Diez Pulgadas #247 (26-11-2013)

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1- CONNY & THE BELLHOPS “Shot rod” (V/A “Instrumental madness!”, lp Ostrich)
2- THINGZ, THE “Tim Johnson” (Tim Johnson +2, 7″ C.A.R.)
3- GREEN HORNETS, THE “Stolen car” (The stinging sounds of The Green Hornets ep, 7″ Alopecia)
4- WITCH DOCTORS, THE “Goin’ to a graveyard” (Goin’ to a graveyard +2, 7″ Screaming Apple)
5- ROCKET SCIENCE “Burn in hell” (Burn in hell +3, 7″ Voodoo Rhythm)
6- INLAND EMPERORS “Hey, Hey Blake Pirtle” (Hey, Hey Blake Pirtle +2, 7″ Bag Of Hammers)
7- SMUGGLERS, DIE “Mangy thing” (At Germany, 7″ Screaming Apple))
8- EASYS, THE “Baby don’t you do it” (I want you back/Baby don’t you do it, 7″ Just Add Water)
9- DROPOUTS, THE “Tell your daddy” (Come on +2, 7″ Crocodile)
10- EDDIE SMITH & THE HORNETS “Upturn” (V/A “Instrumental madness!”, lp Ostrich)
11- M-80’S, THE “Hell’s kitchen” (Slit my wrist/Hell’s kitchen, 7″ Dionysus)
12- MARBLE ORCHARD “It’s my time” (It’s my time/Agent invisible, 7″ Estrus)
13- MONOMEN, THE “Hate your way” (Hate your way +3, 7″ Pure Vinyl)
14- BOOM BOOM & THE LONG SEX “X-song” (Street gigolò/X-song, 7″ Gegè)
15- MOUNT McKINLEYS, THE “No come down” (Genius in modern music, Vol. 2 ep, 7″ 360 Twist)
16- TEARS, THE “Don’t care about nothing” (She ain’t right +2, 7″ Bancroft)
17- INHALANTS, THE “Alright, hit it!” (Alright, hit it!/Instrumental, 7″ Estrus)
18- LOCOMOTIONS, THE “My heart is alright” (Tell her +2, 7″ Savage)
19- RATS OF NEW YORK, THE “We don’t need no one” (I don’t understand it/We don’t need no one, 7″ Puta)
20- FEVERS, THE “Get on again” (Get on again/Can’t be true, 7″ Plastic Idol)



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