Diez Pulgadas #227 (16-02-2013)-Especial KiKiRiKi Granjero 2013

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1- CELLAR DWELLERS, THEE “Dwellin'” (Wonderin’ why?/Dwellin’, 7″ Get Hip)
2- ROYAL NONESUCH, THE “Two ca n play the game” (Why should I care?/Two can play the game, 7″ Get Hip)
3- WICKED ONES, THE “Nightmares” (The devil’s in my pants +2, 7″ Get Hip)
4- MISANTHROPES, THE “Why do you treat me so bad?” (Why do you treat me so bad?+ 2, 7″ Get Hip)
5- DIZZY SATELLITES, THE “Ain’t coming back” (Ain’t coming back/Seven up (in the sky), 7″ Love’s Simple Dreams)
6- BROOD, THE “Since he’s been gone” (Since he’s been gone/You’ve got me cryin’, 7″ Stanton Park)
7- HOODS, THE “Never got thru” (We are your fear/Never got thru, 7″ Screaming Apple)
8- WITCHDOKTORS, THE “Crawling up the wall” (Crawling up the wall +2, 7″ Crocodile)
9- INSOMNIACS, THE “Sylvia Grey” (Sylvia Grey +2, 7″ Outer Limits)
10- BEATPACK, THE “Frustrated 3rd party” (Not tonight/Frustrated 3rd party, 7″ Screaming Apple)
11- PHANTOM KEYS, THE “In the Summertime” (In the Summertime/Velvet illusions, 7″ El Beasto)
12- KARTOONS “Don’t ask me now” (That’s all folks! ep, 7″ Cave)
13- HOODWINKS, THE “My bird has flow” (Got love ep, 7″ Flycatcher)
14- FLASHBACK FIVE, THE “Where is Wally?” (Where is Wally? +3, 7″ Misty Lane)
15- PURPLE MERKINS, THE “Ain’t got enough” (Ain’t got enough/The wind blows your hair, 7″ Rockadelic)
16- SOMETHING WEIRD “Your disguise” (…comes to haunt you! ep, 7″ Outer Limits)
17- 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE “Tamala” (Devil’s weed/Tamala, 7″ Screaming Apple)
18- LINKERS, THE “Suzy” (Suzy +3, 7″ Weed)




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